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Author & Screenwriter - Supernatural-Thrillers & Mind-Bending Horror... Ponderer of, What if?

Brooklyn Hudson, author of WISHBONE, the latest supernatural thriller taking horror readers for a fast-paced suspense ride, would warn you not to WISH at all. That's what Brooklyn's real-feel characters learned in their Catskills, New York setting of King's Hollow - a homage to the author's idol, Stephen King.

Born in Staten Island, New York to a traditional Italian-American household, Brooklyn was bitten by the entertainment bug at age five, performing in musicals and attending a School of Music & Performing Arts, throughout her youth. By age sixteen she began booking talent at a prominent New York City comedy club, and shortly after, promoting rock music events throughout Los Angeles. A leather-clad rocker at heart, she rubbed elbows with 80's music legends and hair-band icons, at the same time, consistently honing her skill for writing fiction.

The Queen of Replica-Rock, Brooklyn has managed some of the greatest tribute rock bands in the world and recently wrote, produced, and directed The Springsteen Experience, which had its run in Las Vegas and continues to tour worldwide. It was during her time in Las Vegas, when she realized that no amount of success from other entertainment avenues, would bring her the passion and contentment she found in writing.

A 30 month stint as the tell it like it is on air personality, hosting, The Truth About Pet's & People, where she was billed as The Simon Cowell of Animal Behavior Modification (It's almost always the humans at fault and she had no problem letting them know it!). Brooklyn penned several dog training manuals. She has had articles featured in various animal related monthlies and has worked as a ghost and freelance writer for two decades. During this time she also created nine drama and reality television show treatments and series episodes, nine screenplays, and thirteen novels. Having peaked Hollywood interest, she is currently at work on the WISHBONE screen adaption and a follow up novel, WISHBONE II, a cable television series based on a caravan of Romani Gypsies in New York City, circa 1960, and several soon to be released novels.

Now writing full-time, Brooklyn lives in Los Angeles with her squirrel, Willow, adopted dog, Christopher, and cat, Meadow (Do the Sopranos come to mind?). She recently adopted a teenage daughter who is attending Syracuse University. Her time is spent writing and content at the keyboard. 

WILLOW is a male Eastern Fox (tree) Squirrel

Scheduled Releases:

EYE of the BEHOLDER...Coming Soon
WISHBONE II...Coming Soon
WISHBONE: Prequel...Coming Fall 2013
WISHBONE III...Coming Winter 2013

Television Series (and Companion Novel) THE GYPSY PROJECT...Coming Soon

LITTLE LIVES (episodic)...Coming 2014
Episode One: ON CALL...Available on worldwide

Amazon Best Selling Thriller

...Some WISHES Should NEVER Be Made!

A Manhattan power couple survive a tragedy and attempt a fresh start only to be plagued by unexplained and disastrous careful what you wish for.

*        *        *

At the age of nine, growing up in the French countryside, Julien Grenier witnessed the brutal murder of his grandfather. Now, at forty-five, he continues to be plagued by horrific nightmares and reenactments of that tragic event.

Living a successful though austere lifestyle on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Julien has recreated himself, building emotional walls that even his young
wife cannot penetrate. 

Though somewhat moody, Julien is a good man with a heart of gold, and a great sense of loyalty and responsibility; enabling his wife, Rachael, to turn a blind eye to his tightly-kept secrets.

Rachael is thirty-two years old; an art dealer and playful free spirit, but after a home invasion assault leaves her emotionally unstable and destroys their care-free and content world, they relocate to a safer environment with the hope of a fresh start.

Kings Hollow is a quaint town, nestled in the serene Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. At first, their new home appears to be the miracle they prayed for, until a traditional children's game begins to destroy their bliss; Rachael is no longer herself and Julien is experiencing a string of bad luck and unfortunate accidents.

At the center of it all is seventeen-year-old Sarah, a part-time caretaker on the property.
Can Julien and Rachael escape the nightmare of Kings Hollow...or is this just Wishful thinking?

WISHBONE is a multi-layered thriller incorporating several sub-plots; in the vein of THE SIXTH SENSE, SHUTTER ISLAND and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Mind-bending Horror at its best, Brooklyn Hudson takes you on a suspenseful roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil and shocking events.~JJ Kohler


  1. This book was the best, most captivating that I've read in a long time, maybe ever! I slept as less as I could & finished the book in 2 days. It was awesome! Definitely had me totally hooked!
    Can't wait for all the other Wishbone books & definitely looking fwd to the movie! Thanx so much for being such an awesome author!

    1. Amber, thank you! So happy you enjoyed WISHBONE. Please, come join us in the private group for behind-the-scenes goodies and movie news!


  2. LOVE WISHBONE! Can't wait for WISHBONE II and, any and all work by Brooklyn Hudson! WISHBONE is, by far, the best book I've read all year. It's an edge of your seat, pulse-racing ride, from the first page to the last! More please!!

  3. I enjoyed Wishbone more than I can say. Your novel drew me in and made me really care about the characters. I am looking forward to reading more about the Greniers.

    1. Patty, thank you so much. Please take advantage of my short, ON CALL, which is free today. WISHBONE II is coming soon. Join us in The PRIVATE WISHBONE GROUP on Facebook. You can find the link in the side bar on the right side of this blog.


  4. Really enjoyed Wishbone. The end of the book had a teaser for Wishbone2, said it would be published in 2012, I can't find it. Is it out? Can't wait to read it and more....
    Well written, suspenseful, engaging, great story, more please!

    1. Yes, I just changed that. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I am transitioning from self-pub to traditional publishing and this is what has created the hold up on WB II. I assure you it's coming soon. We're in the process.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed part I and the bonus chapter...thank you! Please join us in the spoiler room for updates! (Link is at the back page of your book and also here on the right side bar under PRIVATE WISHBONE FAN GROUP)

      xx, B


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