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The Liebster Award

My thanks go to Sherrie Lowe for getting me involved with this award..I encourage you to stop by Sherrie's blog and check it out!

I copied this bit from Sherrie, who copied it from Bev Spicer.

The purpose of the Liebster Blog Award is to recognize blogs with fewer than 200 followers that deserve a look (and a follow). My job is to list 11 random facts about me, answer the 11 questions Sherrie Lowe chose for me, then to nominate 11 new bloggers, who should bask in the Liebster glow - which means doing the same as I am doing here.

Rules: post a blog linking back to me, with 11 random facts about you, answer my 11 questions and nominate 11 new bloggers (and think of 11 questions to ask them - can be anything!).

Here we go...

Eleven Random Facts about me…

1) I live in Los Angeles, but was born and raised in New York City.

2) For over twenty-five years I worked in music. For the last decade, I wrote, produced and directed Replica-Rock Musicals and toured the world with some of the most amazing talent worldwide.

3) I am a wildlife rehabber and own a company called Hudson Hounds & Other Animal Actors, training animals for film and TV.

4) I lost my parents at the age of 15. From that point on, my maternal figure was Ola Hudson, mother of Guitar Hero, Slash, and clothing designer to David Bowie, The Beatles, Diana Ross and many more. Her other son, Ash, is the creator of CONART, which was one of the first graffiti inspired, urban apparel lines in fashion history.

5) Beginning at age five and into my early twenties, I performed on and off Broadway in musical productions; most notably in the role of Pink Lady, “Rizzo”, in Grease.

6) I wrote the original version of WISHBONE by telling the story out loud, bedside, and off the cuff, to a friend who was recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident. The role of “Julien Grenier” was inspired by this friend to keep his mind occupied and entertained during his many months of recuperation.

7) For thirty-months, I hosted The Truth About Pets&People, a shock jock style, animal behavior and advice radio program. Billed as the “Simon Cowell” of animal behavior, I wasn't making any human friends, but I was proud to be a voice for many animals (wild and domestic) in need of defense. 

8) My mother was a dance teacher and passed to me a love of dance. I still, from time to time, teach dance classes locally, instructing soccer mom’s on how to do the most famous dances of our youth (Thriller, Dirty Dancing, and other nostalgic choreography that makes us all smile – after all, who didn't want to be Baby?)

9) I get bored easily and always have to be striving for a goal. I keep my hands in several proverbial pots at all times – Jack of all trades; (sadly) master of few.

10) I hate the summer! Give me cold, snow, rain, mountains, and a lake and I’ll be smiling.

11) The love of my life is Willow, a male Fox Squirrel who lives free in my home and deep in my heart. He is the center of my universe and, with a personality that’s larger than life, he has his own active and popular group on Facebook which you can find here …Come join us! 

My Tree Devil sneaking up from beneath my bed

Now we come to the 11 questions that Sherrie sent me:

1) Where is your favorite place on earth? Why?

Southern Coastal Maine is my favorite place on earth. I love the water, the seasons, the accent, the atmosphere of New England, the shops, the woods. It’s an amazing state and I find my writing flows there.

2) How did you get into writing?

I started writing so young, I’m not even sure I was conscious of “getting started”. I would write in class when I found the lessons to be boring. It wasn't until sometime later that I realized it was a career goal. My brother had read CUJO and placed it on a bookshelf in our den. I saw that famed cover with the foaming dog muzzle against a black background and picked it up. He warned that the book was too mature for me and I would never “get through it”. I was 10-years-old at the time and took that as a challenge. I did make it through that book and Stephen King had (yet another) fan for life. I clearly remember seeing King’s photo at the back of the book. It was then I knew who my idol was and what genre I wanted to write in.

3) Where and how do you write? e.g. pen and paper, computer, first thing in a morning, etc.

When I first began I wrote entire novels in pencil on lined paper. I still often start a novel writing the first few chapters by hand in a notebook, but usually, by chapter three, transfer it all into my laptop and keep going on the computer from there. I tend to write at night; though deadlines have forced me to learn to write at all times of day, but I prefer the peace and solitude of writing at night, uninterrupted.

4) Of all the scientific achievements that we take for granted in our modern world, which do you wish you'd invented and why?

Probably something to do with DNA. I hear they were recently able to extract viable DNA from the thigh bone of a small T-Rex...and think of all the crimes which are now accurately solved, even decades later, due to the ability to read and match DNA.

5) If you were Jesus (or a member of your family who died many years ago) and you came back now, what would you change about the world today and why? 

What wouldn't I change? I would change many things, but to point out one, probably the idea that most humans believe we are superior. Having thumbs does not equate to superiority. Who the hell are we to decide what species (including our own) are more vital to the eco-system. We’re so on our high horse and we’re really the most wasteful, violent, and disgraceful beings on earth. Don’t get me started…

6) If you were a flower or a tree, what would you be and why?

Something with thorns and something very poisonous…I prefer to be left alone.

7) If you were an animal, fish, insect, what would you be and why?

A wolf…I’m very in tune to the moon, I love my pack and will die for them, and I’m illusive and very wary of strangers...and sometimes misunderstood.
8) Are you sporty? If yes, what in? If no, what do you hate most?

I used to be sporty, but not nearly as much these days. I boxed for many years and danced all of my life. I was a tomboy as a child and played with the boys; football, baseball, basketball. I keep saying I might go back to the boxing gym, but I never seem to find the time. My trainer keeps calling and trying to draw me in, maybe I'll get my ass in there soon.

9) What sort of child were you? Good, naughty, easy going, hard to handle?

I was labeled an old soul from a very early age. I was a good kid with a good head on her shoulders, but I knew what I wanted and never lacked confidence; therefore, I often followed my pursuits without permission, so there were definite times I might have been misconstrued as naughty. I could also out talk any adult who tried to reason with me; this too might have been considered “hard to handle”.

10) Are you still like that now?

Very much so.

11) If your books became million sellers and films how would you change your life?

I would immediately relocate to Maine. The stressors which sometimes cramp creativity would easily be erased, allowing me to write with less distraction.

Now, for those I've tagged, it's your turn to answer my questions. Here goes...

The people I nominate for The Liebster Award are: 

Penelope Crowe - Here!
Jacque Hopkins - Here!
Malina Roos - Here!

(more to come!)

Here are your questions…

1) What are you currently writing and when do you expect to release your next work(s)?

2) Do you believe the dead speak? If yes, how?

3) What is the one thing that scares you most?

4) What is your totem (or spirit) animal?

5) If your writing took off tomorrow and you suddenly found yourself very wealthy, what would be your most extravagant purchase?

6) What book or film influences your writing to this day?

7) If you could have penned one previously published book written by a well known author, which would it have been?

8) If you could only watch only one television program, what show would it be? Why?

9) If you could go back in time to any age and start over what age would it be? Why?

10) What has been your proudest moment in life thus far?

11) The Ultimate Dinner Party: Which five people would you invite? Why?


  1. Glad you were (and ARE) a voice for the animals. We need more advocates for them. I hate, like you, that they have been relegated to inferior status because they are not US. UGH.
    BUT--thanks for tagging me! Great post--I learn something about you each time you get interviewed.
    I love the questions I get to answer--anything about the dead makes me happy. OK! Off to call my therapist!

  2. LOL...thanks Pen! I'm anxious to read your answers!

    xx, B

  3. Fantastic. It's always nice to learn more about your life Brooklyn. Like an onion, slowly peeling back the layers!


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