Saturday, July 21, 2012


With regard to the BATMAN shooting in Aurora, Colorado...

I'm hearing so many blame the film for this massacre.

Considering I make my living writing horror-thrillers, novels and screenplays, I feel compelled state my opinion. 

While this horrific event, which transpired in an Aurora,  Colorado movie theater, may have dozens of comparisons to the Batman franchise, it is the mind of a very sick individual who mimics these sequences. If we remove all film, television, and gaming violence, these sick individuals would continue to commit tragic and heinous crimes (because they're sick) and we would be forced to find something else to blame, when we should point blame solely at the assailant. 

Sick is sick. My heart goes out to those who were injured, terrorized, and especially to the families and friends of those who were lost that night. 

In the case of adults, no film, program, art, music, or book should ever be blamed for such a tragic event - period - or we would ALL be out there committing violent crimes. 

As for children and teens, it is up to the adult guardian to monitor their child's lives and looks for telltale signs of potential problems. MOST of us grew up watching great horror and action films without turning to violence in our adult years. We all have moments when we think about it, but the sane DO NOT ACT upon those thoughts.

I made a similar statement on Facebook and immediately, several commenting, turned blame on the political climate of our country; in turn doing exactly what I was condemning... seeking blame elsewhere rather than BLAME THE SHOOTER...They blame Government, America, Obama, Video Games, Batman - the list goes on. 

Who pulled the trigger?

I agree with some of the political statements that were being made, but regardless, a person does not open fire on unsuspecting, innocent people for any other reason than insanity! 

Crazy is as crazy does and stating that politics has something to do with this devastating crime is no different than stating that a Batman Film had something to do with it. 

Blame The Gunman! 

...not the games he played on Xbox 

...not the Government

...not his mother

...not his third grade coach who didn't put him in the game

...not an ex-boss who fired him

...and certainly not a film!

By the way...I don't watch superhero films...not my thing.


  1. I agree with you. I do feel sympathy with the victims and their families. But in the end the one to blame is the one who has the mental problem. Who knows what was in his mind, and even if there were no films or books in existence, this man would have probably done the crime based on something else. As you said, 'sick is sick'. And yes, kids do need monitoring, but adults should know better, otherwise they are usually classified as either insane or criminal. Take care!

  2. Exactly Lena...agreed! In the case of children, they need monitoring and open dialogue, and parents need to watch for clues. But by adulthood, a sane mind knows right from wrong and would never consider committing such a crime! I believe there are signs in childhood that parents sweep under the rug and choose to ignore.

    Thanks so much for your input!

  3. As for what to do with these sick individuals to keep them from acting on these twisted instincts...the truth, in my opinion, is that we worry so much about the detriment of people's safety. We refuse to lock up those who show strong signs of potentially harming others - they have rights! We can't lock them away in institutions! Just as an abuse victim has to beg for a restraining order and only AFTER the abuser beats her near to death (or TO DEATH) do we lock these people up - because they have RIGHTS!
    Rights should be earned! If someone shows signs of being a danger, we need to go back to putting them away BEFORE it happens and not waiting until they ACT on it!

  4. Hey Brooklyn!

    Thanks for this post! I agree with all your points, actually the gunman is to blame, because he pulled the trigger. BUT all signs show now, that it was not possible for him to get all that exotic gears by himself! He was just a student!

    maybe interesting for you!


  5. Thanks Tanja!

    I have such a hard time believing he CAN'T find all of those gear items via Google search. I have a friend who bought an ULTRA SOUND MACHINE with a google search and another friend who bought a GIRAFFE for his Northern California ranch. There's nothing you can't find with a google search. I guess we'll find out who he bought this stuff from (or stole it from) eventually.

    xx, B

  6. It was a true tragedy.
    It seems to be human nature to try and blame something, anything, anyone, when things like this happen.
    I do feel people fall through the cracks. Too many obvious signs are ignored. We should not have to beg for our safety.
    I think we will hear more about his signs that were previously swept under the rug as more information about him and this situation is unearthed.
    Great post Brooklyn.

    1. Thanks Dea and I agree all the way!

      xx, B

  7. Down On her knees, tear soaking her eyes, praying desperately in denial, a mother cries. Not to far away, a Fiance holds in her hand, two rings that were her future, now blown away like useless sand. And still another group, with a girl's picture held tight, waiting for that terrible confirmation, praying she was alive after the tragedy that night. All of these grieving people, and so many more still ahead, They didn't get their happy endings, in one of the saddest stories ever read.

    For the Victims and their families for the Colorado Theater Tragedy.

  8. There is no excuse for this idiot's actions and my heart goes out to the families of the victims, but the curse of the Dark Knight is well documented, going back to 2008 beginning with Heath Ledger. I just don't know what to think, except evil is real.

    1. I agree that evil is very real. I won't even attempt to touch the curse....LOL

  9. The gunman, and the gunman alone, is to blame for this. I think there's something missing in his mind- not that I'd say he's insane- he knew the difference between right and wrong, he just doesn't care.

    1. Good point William...perhaps I shouldn't have used the terms "insane" or "crazy", and opted for plain EVIL.


  10. This monster knew exactly what he was doing. He's a sociopath, to be sure. No one who wasn't could do such a thing. The movie was most likely chosen for its violent content...maybe even because there would be a lot of gunfire in it that might have masked his own gunfire at first. He booby-trapped his own apartment in a bid to distract police from coming to the theater too quickly.

    Some lawyer out to make a name for him/herself will take him as a client, to be sure. But an insanity plea won't work. There was too much advance planning.

    Even now, he refuses to talk, to reveal his motive. This way, he keeps people talking about him, wondering why. He wants attention, and if he can't be famous, he'll be infamous.

    I hope he gets the death penalty.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Norma - all the way around! That smug photo they're showing us all day and night makes my skin crawl! It's cases like this when I wish it were the old days of public stoning - injection is too easy for this monster!

      Thanks for your input!
      xx, B


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