Sunday, July 8, 2012

Call It Spam or Call It Marketing…it Sells Books!

How many times have you been watching television when a McDonald’s commercial pops up, only to find yourself pulling into a drive-thru the very next day?

Complain as we may about the endless commercials that sometimes make us forget what we were watching in the first place, but marketing sells…visibility sells. 

People can’t buy what they don’t know exists. Unarguable success from hard-core marketing is why those prime commercial time slots (on both radio and television) are affordable only to the wealthiest and most successful of companies…and they’ve been buying’em up and bidding for the best spots through the decades.

If advertising and visibility didn’t work there would no longer be commercials airing today, and those primetime slots wouldn’t be fetching the millions they do. 

Lately, in self-publishing and on social networks, there is so much moaning about what some refer to as spamming - Gasp!
Back to McDonald’s (and countless other successful branding masters), they have commercials running on every channel, radio station, and thousands of billboards and magazines worldwide – are they spamming us? 

The most successful companies run multiple commercial each day because they know people come and go and they want to reach the widest audience possible. This is called marketing, and it’s how products are sold, trends are created, and viral phenomena are birthed.

My supernatural-thriller, WISHBONE, sells well. I post ads daily on several social networks. I tweet regularly throughout the day as few people scroll through an entire day’s tweet feed and I want to reach as many eyes each day as possible. 

Say what you want, but all that visibility sells my book.

It baffles me why those who complain about spamming (many are authors themselves) are so bothered by an artist promoting their work and trying to earn a living, yet they’ll blast 6 captioned pictures of Photoshopped kittens, one after the other, and not consider this spamming us? Do I blast them for it…NO. 

I simply scroll on by just as we would thumb through a magazine for the content we desire. Live and let live!

Did it ever dawn on them that there are many who enjoy good creative ads and benefit from them by finding great books and experiencing new music or topical blogs? 


Unfriend, unfollow, block, scroll on by, but don’t bash tried and true practices and techniques that have built the most successful and recognized companies today.

I would much rather see a news feed consisting of potential great reads and awesome music than those Photoshopped kittens, captioned “funny” babies, or blue-hued wolves baying at computer graphic generated moons. 

To me THAT is senseless posting and by far more spammy than an artist posting their purchasable work, making people aware of choices, and earning a living; but I don’t care if they post these senseless photos since I can simply choose to ignore them.

I put a lot of time into crafting creative, unique and hopefully interesting ads to draw eyes and sales to my work. 
These ads have proven successful for me. Of course, no amount of visibility will help a book with poor content. 

Live and let live and focus your attention on selling your books, rather than passive-aggressive commenting and self-designated policing of the behaviors and hard work of others.

And while we're on the subject...



  1. Ack!!
    My book is doing well--and I posted about it in several places. Some people liked it--thought some others might, too.
    We see ads for books in magazines, sometimes on TV, and even in bookstores themselves. How am I supposed to sell if nobody knows I have a book for sale?
    People may loooots of money during the Superbowl for "spam."

  2. Love it Dea! You keep posting and raking in those sales...More power to ya!



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